Lifelong Learning

Wesleyan College invites you to join a program that provides an exciting range of educational and social opportunities to mature learners in central Georgia. The Wesleyan Academy of Lifelong Learning (WALL) offers a wide variety of courses designed to expose you to new ideas and activities in a relaxed and congenial setting, without concern for tests, grades or requirements, other than participation. Courses are of a short duration, usually four weeks and are staggered throughout the year. The sessions are taught by Wesleyan College faculty as well as experts from the community at large. Membership in the Academy allows you an opportunity to share your ideas and life experiences with like-minded people while exposing yourself to new ideas and interesting, sometimes controversial topics. Regardless of prior educational experience, this program has something for everyone; all you need is curiosity and a willingness to learn. The Academy serves Wesleyan’s commitment to lifelong learning by connecting the resources of the College with the diverse needs of our community.

Courses for 2013 Spring Semester

Course Schedule
From Sacrifice to Prayer: The Evolution of Jewish Theology
Current Financial Planning Topics
Georgia History: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Prehistory to 1861)
Psychology in the Legal System
Grandfather Hunting: Genealogy for Beginners
It's a Small World After All - Life through the Microscope
Anatomy of Play Production
The Holocaust
French for Travelers
Georgia's Native Plants
Oil Painting
Creative Writing
Introduction to Handel's Opera, Julius Caesar
Technology for Seniors - Digital Photography
Introduction to Windows
Wine Tasting
Great Decisions

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To find out more about Lifelong Learning in Macon, visit the Wesleyan Academy for Lifelong Learning website or email Vince Coughlin.

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